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10:23am 05/04/2010
mood: hopeful
I wonder if we would start this up again, I wish we could contact nicole and at least get her to give the rights to another kawaii artist who could finish it, or obviously get nicole to finish it..

maybe if she knew that nearly 10 years later we still want more minui?

<3 <3 <3
2003 Minui Q&A with Kimiki 
12:49am 05/04/2010
mood: nostalgic
About seven years ago, I was developing a Minui text adventure game with Kimiki's cooperation. The centrepiece for this incomplete game was Sevryn's apartment. I needed to ask a lot of questions to fill in the details of this location and the story in general. A few weeks ago, leheartpounds left a nostalgic Minui comment on my LJ, and I realised that I'm not the only one who still remembers this comic.

With Minui cancelled and no new content in the last five years, I thought I might reproduce some of these questions and answers for your interest. Also, I've included a heretofore unseen a plan of Sevryn's apartment sketched by Nicole.

I've re-uploaded the saved pages of the comic to LiveJournal itself, so you can now find Minui at this link. Being stored on LJ, the hosting should now last as long as this community.

If anyone saved Nicole's Minui afterword, detailing how the story would have progressed and ended had it continued, please post it! I would love to read it again.</p>
04:05pm 31/05/2006
  a reeeaally long time ago i got into minui. i love nicole's fashionesque/anime style so much. i can't open nekorevolution, and i know it's been at least two-three years since i last checked it out. is it still there even? i would really like to go back and read that comic again, it was wonderfully done, or even just look at some art from then or even what she's doing now.  
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05:04pm 01/01/2006
  Hello :) just stumbled across the site because I noticed one of your interests is a character (or something) called Vaia - which is my name! Could you be so kind as to explain her/it/whatever.
PS love the theme - mwah
x-posted to doll_candy 
04:26pm 29/01/2005
This community has been dead for quite a while. How about a little nastalgic post from the past.
I miss Nicole, what ever happened to her?? I send her the best wishes. Hope life's been treating her well, wherever she is.
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The final word. 
08:55pm 25/08/2003
  The last home of Minui.
Read the comic.
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Whee! Ish fun 
06:37pm 18/05/2003
mood: amused
Hey, the Minui text game is awesome. ^.^ Although I had a bit of trouble at first. I had *no idea* waht to do or how to do. It's so simple it's difficult. Like Latin. x_x But all your hard work payed off, man. I can't even fathom the amount of coding that took. You have my undying respect! But I ash alos sad. Minui was destroyed! Oh, well, all things come to an end, good or bad. But it was kewl before it ended. Mebbe you should start a different comic, Nicole-san?
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Minui - Chapter 1 (et al) 
03:03pm 06/05/2003
  I have copies of the Minui scans.
Edit: now here.

As for the ill-fated Minui Text-Game, it's here. Basically the whole first chapter is playable. I think it's pretty fun, and it should be considering I spent something near a hundred hours on it. ^_^ If it loads for you, tell me what you think of it. (Originally the plan was to make the game span the whole comic, but that now won't be happening.)
Thanks to winterabbit for playtesting it for me!
10:20am 04/05/2003
  I'm glad nekorevolution.net got an update, but what happened to Minui?!  
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Minui and Others 
06:32pm 28/04/2003
mood: cheerful
This is a question out to everyone who may be able to help me. I wanted to know if anyone has saved the Minui chapters and could possibly send them to me via zip file. I also was hoping that Nicole or anyone else might have saved files of an older project by Nicole. It was one where there was a demon boy and girl whom he befriended. I really liked it but didn't have the chance to save any of these files. Can anyone help?

I need to get my Nicole-comic-fix somehow.

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02:34pm 26/04/2003
mood: ditzy
First time posting here! um...It's really creepy, but there is this guy at my school who's name is Thom and he looks EXACTLY like Thom in Minui...it's really scary! Same hair, same skinny tall silent dude...

Does anyone know anyone that looks similar or a lot like minui characters? I kinda look like Sindi! hehehe!
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09:41am 22/04/2003
mood: calm
Hi all! This is my first time posting so hello hello to everyone:)I recently checked out the minui site and for some reason the comic portion wouldn't pop up for me. It says something about a server etc etc. If anyone is experiencing the same thing or know whats wrong could you please reply back to me? Thanks a bunch XD
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posting in a community, oooh this is a first 
08:11pm 16/04/2003
mood: nervous
um..You know how there is a minui sound track thingy. I was thinking that there should be a page on the site of cd covers for it. You could print them off and put them in a cd case along with your minui cd (if you made one). I dunno, it was just something that popped inside my head, but it could be a cool idea.
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10:43pm 12/04/2003
  I know this may sound stupid, but how do you guys pronounce Minui?
I say Min-Yoo-Ee. I wonder if I'm wrong. ^_^;
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Minui text-game in sight 
10:43pm 09/04/2003
  The Minui text-game is not very far off. I'm not very good at building excitement, but I'm excited, and I guess that's all that really matters. ^_^
At first, only the first chapter will be playable, so that's until Sevryn makes her first wish. The small apartment will be explorable, which is the most fun. You can also talk to Sevryn about fourteen odd times in a row, and share in the fragments of simulated conversation. (I told you I wasn't very good at building excitement.)

Understanding that you play the game as Minui, I thought it'd be interesting to ask the following question:

What would you most like to do in (or to) Sevryn's apartment?

Expect the game within the week!
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'some assembly may be required' 
06:43pm 04/04/2003
mood: crazy
I want to do more Minui fanart, but I'm running out of ideas. If there's anything you want me to draw, please tell me? I've been wanting to do something with Sevryn and Lars or Thom, but I'm drawing a blank.


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Minui Game well on the way 
10:02pm 04/04/2003
mood: creative
At the moment I'm working on a sanctioned Minui text-game.
If all goes to plan, the first chapter will be playable shortly.
(My completely original text source-file is over 60k, if that means anything to you.)

My question to the Minui community is this:
What would you most like to do as Minui in a text-based game?
Note: A text-based game is one with a command prompt, where you type commands for your player, and she reacts accordingly. There are no graphics, as such, but there is a text-window telling you what's going on. If you want graphics, read the comic like I do. ^_^

The two main things for Minui to do in the first chapter are, as in the comic, ask Sevryn for residence, and then trash the house when she's at work. (Or, as Sevryn puts it, "trying a lot of things"*DESTROY)
Planned, but as yet completely unimplemented, elements include being able to stalk Sevryn when she goes to the movies, and also being able to be involved in limited magical combat.

Comment here with your ideas, and I'll do my best to add them, assuming they don't contradict the story and would not feel out of place. Suggesting that Lars secretly be a werewolf, for instance, would completely contradict nonstop_robot's wonderful comic. :D

Beta testing, furious scripting, and compiler error head-scratching are all currently in progress.
When available, news of the game's arrival will appear here, in this community.
- Hayden
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Oooh, hiya 
11:03pm 03/04/2003
mood: bouncy
Whee-hoo! There's a Minui community. How wicked. ^.^ I love Minui and I really could not resist joining. But the contest... I think Syllphis would have been better. But the winner still did an awesome job! ^.^
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I be on the proverbial roll! ::rolls around:: 
09:39pm 02/04/2003
mood: tired
And, here's a Minui fanart!


Minui, Private Eye!

I couldn't help myself XDDD

Oekaki is sickly addicting to me...

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09:54pm 01/04/2003
mood: content
Nicole would you ever actually publish Minui? If you did how many of us would buy it? I know I would! Yep, Yep.

Why are you down here? That's the end of my post.
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